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Lifelong Retirement Planning & Investment Management

Guided by Your Authentic Goals

Thrive Retire™ Planning

Our 8-Step Process

Together, we’ll move through a clarifying planning process much more in-depth than the industry standard. Thrive Retirement Specialists strives to create a seamless, enjoyable experience that meets your needs and helps you define more of what you’re looking for throughout your retirement.

You will be prepared with a comprehensive financial strategy that incorporates your values, and all of the aspirations you have for your retirement and that optimizes the use of all your retirement assets and eligible tools and tactics.

How It Works

1. Assessment of Authentic Goals

Your authentic goals are your real motivating goals based on your personal values and ideal vision of retirement.

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female advisor showing report with charts to client

2. Assessment of Willingness and Ability to Accept the Big Five Retirement Risks

The act of retiring subjects a retiree to several unique risks.

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3. Evaluation of ALL Retirement Assets

A retiree often has far more assets available to them than simply their investment portfolio when it comes to being able to meet retirement goals.

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4. Development of Retirement Spending Plan

Your retirement spending plan is a detailed estimate of how you will spend money in retirement to support your goals and ideal retirement vision.

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5. Connection of Retirement Assets to the Retirement Spending Plan

We must consider how each retirement asset could become income and then categorize the asset under one of three category types.

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6. Development of a Sustainable Spending Strategy

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7. Development of an Investment Portfolio for Investment-Based Assets

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8. Execution and Establishment of Intervals for Formal Plan Update and Review

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ThriveRetire Planning

One Flat Fee | $2,250 per Quarter

Fee includes ongoing retirement planning and investment management
Fee debited directly from SPECIFIED investment account each quarter

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