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Helping You Live a

More Rewarding and Vibrant Life in Retirement

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retired couple enjoying beach view

Specializing in Your Fulfillment

At Thrive Retirement Specialists, everything we do is centered around helping you make the most of your life in retirement. Through our 8-step ThriveRetire™ Planning process, we go far beyond what has traditionally been known as retirement planning, creating a comprehensive strategy that recognizes and optimizes all of your resources and eligible tools and tactics.

Our approach is advanced, our client-adviser relationships are collaborative—and our mission is focused.

Let’s Fund the Rest of Your Life

We’re here to empower you to make decisions that can lead to higher levels of enjoyment and contentment in your life. With every interaction, we seek to inform and serve, so our clients can safely trust their ThriveRetire™ plan and process, leaving each client with the confidence and peace of mind to live a vibrant and full life through retirement.

You & Your Wealth Deserve:

Experienced Specialists

Our Retirement Advisors are highly credentialed and experienced having decades of experience in the financial advisory and investment management industry. 

Personalized Experience

You remain the star—your vision for retirement will guide us in developing a plan that works for you and your unique set of circumstances.

A Virtual Practice

Because you’re busy out there enjoying your best life, meetings can occur from the comfort and convenience of wherever you happen to be. All you need is an internet connection.  With virtual headquarters in Dearborn, MI, we can serve clients locally or across the country.

Fair Flat Fee Pricing

In the form of a single, transparent flat quarterly fee regardless of wealth level or other factors. No commissioned products to sell, no referral fees to gain, and never any complicated sliding scales.

Who Is ThriveRetire™ Planning For?

ThriveRetire™ Planning is for those nearing retirement or already retired. It’s for the ones who want to make the most of their situation so they can soak up every bit of what brings them joy and meaning.

middle-aged businessman walking through airport
middle-aged businessman walking through airport

You want to...

  • see places you’ve never been
  • have meaningful conversations with the friends you love
  • enjoy delicious dinners with your family
  • breathe in the great outdoors

...and finally, you want to know exactly how we plan to optimize your one and only retirement. This is why we invite you to experience the many benefits of our unique 
8-step ThriveRetire™ Planning process.

You've Worked Hard  
It's Time to Live Your Ideal Life

We can help.

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