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Become a Client 

at Thrive Retirement Specialists

You May Be Asking Yourself,

“Can ThriveRetire™ Really Make My Retirement Journey Better?”

To answer this question, we always go through a 3-step preliminary process with prospective clients before beginning a long-term partnership together. These three meetings allow you the opportunity to experience working with us before committing to a relationship. It helps you better understand how we help our clients plan for a fruitful retirement. Afterward, we will all have a sense of whether it makes sense to collaborate for the long term.

20-Minute Introduction Call

This call enables us to see if your situation matches our expertise. During this call, we’ll share more about our background, history, and services, and you’ll let us know more of what you are seeking in an advisor. If we aren't a good fit for each other, we will gladly introduce you to a firm that is better suited to your needs.

If it seems like we’re a good match, we can proceed to the next step by scheduling our ThriveRetire™ Alignment Meeting and by having you complete a short guided ThriveRetire™ Asset Map exercise, which we’d review in our meeting. This next step does not mean you have committed to becoming a client. It is simply the next step in your journey to potentially becoming a client of Thrive Retirement Specialists.

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female advisor showing report with charts to client

ThriveRetire™ Alignment Meeting

The goal of this 60-minute Zoom meeting is to preliminarily assess your goals, aspirations, values, and past experiences. As part of this assessment, we’ll review your short guided ThriveRetire™ Asset Map exercise, which helps facilitate our conversation.

Understanding where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’d like to be is key to establishing your baseline. After this meeting, we will put together your baseline scenario to review at your next ThriveRetire™ Analysis Presentation Meeting.

We will proceed to the next step by scheduling our ThriveRetire™ Analysis Presentation Meeting. This is the meeting where you will gain a true understanding of how ThriveRetire™ thinks and works and how we can add value to your retirement journey. It is only after our next meeting we would invite you to become a ThriveRetire™ client.

ThriveRetire™ Analysis Presentation Meeting

Finally, the moment for which you have been waiting. During this 60-minute Zoom meeting, we’ll answer the question: “Can the ThriveRetire™ process really make my retirement journey better?” We will demonstrate how the unique and advanced approach we take to retirement planning can add the type of value you need to truly thrive in your one and only retirement.

Together, we’ll revisit your ThriveRetire™ Asset Map and highlight potential assets you may have that you may not be aware existed. We will show you how we could use certain assets, tools, and tactics available to you to optimize your unique situation. We will also show you how applying dynamic withdrawal and tax optimization strategies can substantially change your outlook. These demonstrations are not advice but rather illustrations of the value the ThriveRetire™ process can provide. Actual advice could only be given after becoming a client and conducting our full comprehensive 8-Step ThriveRetire™ Planning Process.

At the end of this meeting, you’ll have a firm understanding of the value the ThriveRetire™ process can bring to your retirement journey. You will also be in a position to decide whether to accept our invitation to become a client. You can take as much time as you need to decide, and if you’d like, we’ll schedule another meeting to review further any questions or concerns you have.

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Establishing a ThriveRetire™ relationship is a long-term commitment for us and you. As such, we have no interest in forcing a fit that may not exist. If you do not wish to continue, we will send you a copy of your preliminary ThriveRetire™ Asset Map and wish you the best of luck in your retirement journey.

If you decide to accept our invitation, we will happily welcome you to the ThriveRetire™ family and will arrange to move forward with our 8-step ThriveRetire™ Planning Process