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Helping physicians with retirement, tax planning and investment management for a flat fee.

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ThriveRetire Planning

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Our Process

ThriveRetire™ goes far beyond what has traditionally been known as retirement planning. ThriveRetire™ is an engaging ongoing 8-step retirement/tax planning process and investment management service that seeks to identify all risks, assets, tools, and tactics to develop an optimal retirement plan designed to support your ideal retirement lifestyle and goals to the fullest extent possible. With every interaction, we seek to inform and serve, so you can safely trust your ThriveRetire™ plan and process, leaving you with the confidence and peace of mind needed to live your best life in retirement.

We guide you through our process during the course of the following four meetings:

The goal of this 90-minute Zoom meeting is to complete steps 1 and 2 of our 8-step ThriveRetire™ planning process.

step 1

Ideal Retirement Vision Brainstorm:

Before we can determine anything else in the retirement planning process, we must start by taking the time to evaluate and define what matters most to you in your life.  This exercise is designed to get you thinking.  We will review your Ideal Vision for Retirement Brainstorm exercise to flush out and clarify your real motivating goals based on your values and vision for retirement. This understanding and clarity will allow us to build a retirement plan congruent with and supportive of your authentic goals.

step 2

Risk Profile Assessment:

We will review your Risk Profile Questionnaire and the Big Five Retirement Risks you face in retirement. Together, we will discuss and determine your willingness and ability to accept these risks and discuss any other emotional constraints.

The goal of this 90-minute Zoom meeting is to complete steps 3 and 4 of our 8-step ThriveRetireTM planning process.

step 3

ThriveRetire Asset-MapTM

An Asset-Map is a visual experience that displays all of your household's members, entities, financial assets, liabilities, cash flows, insurance policies, and more. We will review your Asset-Map exercise to ensure we have taken stock of all the assets we have to work with for your retirement plan. This accounting will allow for a better-constructed retirement plan as certain assets and income tools are better suited for different goals.

step 4

Retirement Spending Plan

Your retirement spending plan estimates how you will spend money in retirement to support your goals and ideal retirement vision. We will review and refine your spending plan to ensure it accomplishes this objective and accurately reflects all retirement spending needs. The intent is not to hold you accountable for spending exactly as your plan dictates at a detailed level; rather, it is to make sure we consider everything to ensure you have enough retirement assets and a strategy to meet bottom-line spending needs. This plan will also allow you to evaluate tradeoffs now and as you progress through retirement if necessary.

The goal of this 120-minute Zoom meeting is to complete steps 5 and 6 of our 8-step ThriveRetireTM planning process. No homework for you this time! Now that we have all the key ingredients needed, we can step back and put together an optimized draft retirement plan to present to you at this meeting.

step 5

Connection of Retirement Assets to Retirement Spending Plan

We will review your Asset-Map to show how each asset can become income supporting your retirement plan.

step 6a

Sustainable Spending Strategy

We will increase/decrease planned spending to find the perfect balance given your need, desire, risk profile, and ability/willingness to employ optional dynamic withdrawal rules. We will test your spending sustainability through Monte Carlo Analysis and Historical Simulation Analysis.

step 6b

Retirement Income Strategy

A retirement income strategy is about developing a withdrawal order sequencing strategy that can minimize the amount of taxes you pay over your remaining lifetime. When and which type of account (i.e., taxable, tax-deferred, or Roth) you take money from to fund your retirement expenses can matter significantly because of the different tax rules that apply to each account type. A Roth IRA conversion strategy is often a key component of your overall strategy.

step 7

Investment Portfolio Strategy

Your asset allocation between stocks and bonds in your investment portfolio will play a key role in your retirement plan, as will the construction of that portfolio. The proper balance must be found that provides the level of return needed while not exceeding your risk profile as well as the tax consequences of making changes. We will also explore opportunities to take advantage of asset selection, asset location, and tax loss harvesting to make the most of your tax situation.

The goal of this 90-minute Zoom meeting is to complete step 8 of our 8-step ThriveRetireTM planning process.

step 8

Review, Finalize, and Deliver

We will review the strategies presented in our last meeting to ensure common understanding and make any final changes/decisions. Recall, this is just our starting point. We will continue to meet semi-annually in the Spring and Fall each year to make further adjustments as needed. We will also highlight the near-term steps that need to be undertaken by each party to execute the plan elements. Congratulations! You will have completed our 8-step retirement planning process by the end of this meeting.

Who Are Our Clients


They worked hard and made many sacrifices to achieve their success. They were tired of being punished for having earned more and saved well by asset-based pricing models (%AUM) most financial advisors use.


They understand the value of working with a retirement specialist with deep experiential knowledge and focused systems versus the typical generalist trying to be all things to all people.


They want to collaborate and be a part of the planning process, so they understand how their plan supports them. They do not want to be shoved into a cookie-cutter approach without explanation.

Getting Started with ThriveRetireTM is Easy

After you have had your questions/concerns addressed and have decided to move forward with becoming a client of Thrive Retirement Specialists, the process is easy:

Step 1

We will send you a DocuSign package containing the following for execution:

  • Client Agreement (requires eSignature)
  • ADV Part 2A&B (for your review)
  • Privacy Policy (for your review)
  • ThriveRetire Fact Finder (requires personal and financial account information)

Step 2

After the DocuSign package is complete, we will contact you to schedule our first of four planning meetings. We will also use the information you share in the ThriveRetire Fact Finder document to start the T.D. Ameritrade or Schwab account opening and transfer paperwork.

Once these documents are prepared, we will send these documents in a second DocuSign package.

Once executed, T.D. Ameritrade or Schwab will establish the new accounts and begin transferring over the accounts "in-kind" (meaning nothing is sold or altered). No trading would occur until we discussed and agreed on our investment strategy.

We will continue to monitor the asset transfer to your new accounts as we work through our planning meetings.